So, the other day I was doing some work experience and someone in the office said ‘ooh! pretty hair! cue ‘oh thanks ha yeah thanks’ and then there was an awkward silence in which she stared at my hair and then said ‘i’d kill for hair like that.’ This post goes out to you, crazy office lady. Please read this instead of killing me and shaving my head and wearing my hair as a wig. Cheers.

Ok so I just got a shiny new iphone which has helped me take photos of my routine. I’m going to try and keep it to the point but I could waffle about this for about a hundred years…maybe more.

1. Shampoo- this changes every time I wash because I like to try whatever’s on the shelf in the bathroom, but my favourite is Frizz Ease Dream Curls. Often, in winter especially, I’ll use my dad’s head and shoulders around my hairline as I have dry skin and all the hairdrying and radiators in winter makes my scalp sad. So shampoo all over, wash out thoroughly and then condition after squeezing most of the water out, avoiding the roots. Again today I used Dream Curls conditioner. I tend to leave this in as long as I can, depends how late I’m running that day…Then, after that’s all washed out nicely, I towel dry, spray on some Aussie leave in conditioner and comb through my hair with a wide tooth comb.


2. Ok so then I do the serum and curl creme step. My magical curl creme is Boots’ own brand and costs about £1.30. I would be lost without it! I sorely miss Sunsilk curls and waves curl creme though. Currently using a Naked serum which is good, bit difficult to coax it out though. Another good serum is the Aussie one which smells, of course, incredible. I use about a 10p sized blob of serum and mix it with some curl creme to dilute it a bit and evenly distribute it in my hair- avoiding the roots especially round the hairline. Make sure you get it all over, don’t ignore the ends! The last little bit, I flip my hair upside down and run my fingers through just once, so it gives the hair some more volume but doesn’t dry in too strange a position ha. Now we’re going to be stuck upside down for a while so best get used to it….

3. Now the product is all done, I put my hair into a towel and let it sit in there for about 10 minutes while I do my makeup. This picture is sexual. Enjoy.

4. Ok so makeup all done etc and hair has had a chance to chill before it gets dried. (On a side note I always try to super moisturise just to ensure that when I’m drying my hair my face doesn’t also shrivel up…) So yeah release the hair from a towel, give it a little scrunch, and then back to the upside down position to dry. Whack out the diffuser and let’s do this. I tend to put it on mid heat but most powerful um…power? Not sure how to word that ha. Too hot makes it dry out and go frizzy. Gather the hair in the diffuser and concentrate on a bit of hair for about 10 seconds then do another. I tend to move the hairdryer around too for some reason..? Keep drying until the roots are all dry and the majority is dry-ish. It’s not to dry it completely because it tends to go frizzy and….dry, strangely enough.


5. At this stage I sometimes attack with a bit of mousse if the drying has accidentally frizzed up a few bits. I just use bog standard Boots mousse because I’m a cheapo but I tend to think mousse is all pretty similar, like hairspray.

what number are we on? scroll scroll scroll

6. WE’RE ALMOST THERE GUYS. Now, scrunchhhhh! break all the product up to make the hair look all soft and awesome. Flip your hair back up to normal (beware, I always get a headrush at this point and sometimes stagger into my chest of drawers. Take care.) Hair will always look mental at this point but for some reason I didn’t take a photo, my bad. So let your hair settle a little and run your fingers through the roots to see where it’s deciding to settle. If it looks cool on its own then that’s excellent but because I’m obsessive I need it to look PERFECT so I take the bit of hair at the front, the sort of fringey bit i suppose, and hold it as if I were to make a quiff. I then straighten this ever so slightly, straight up to give it more volume. (This was SO hard to take a photo of, so it looks so weird- I had to use my nose to press the button to take the photo…)

7. Now, this is the last step. Hurrah. Once that bit is straightened I sort of shake it out and let it sit where it wishes. I then fashion a parting of sorts on which ever side it seems to favour on that day. Then I tease it over and spray a bit of hairspray to pat down flyaways and make it stay perfect for longer….also when it’s humid the hairspray helps combat the damp poodle effect. Et, voila.